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For any folks needing a top notch editor, check out Ivey Editing Services! I so appreciated her strong sensitivity to audience and eye for detail.
Jean C.
Website & Visual Exhibit

Madi K.

Blog Article

While I’ve always been fairly confident in my writing skills, I was really struggling with this writing project. My word choices and syntax were coming across as clunky and awkward, and I did not feel comfortable releasing the blog post to the public.

I sent my blog post to Elisabeth and had her look over and edit it. She returned my post with her edits in a timely manner and offered many helpful suggestions. After adding in some of her suggestions, the flow of my writing seemed much more natural and pleasing to read. I now feel MUCH better about publishing my article, and it is all thanks to Ivey Editing Services!

Elisabeth reviewed my book manuscript and provided substantive edits and proofreading. She stepped into my vocabulary and voice and proofread with an eagle eye. The changes she made to my writing made it sound more like me, communicating as clearly as possible with my audience.

Elisabeth stepped into a textbook project in the very late stages, when instructor resources were past the deadline. She wrote test bank questions (multiple-choice, short answer, essay) and classroom resources, including student engagement activities and discussion questions. I handed her a messy, in-the-works portion of the project, with a strict deadline, and she did the work with care for detail and accurate handling of content. The book and its resources reached a higher level, thanks to Elisabeth!

Dr. Jenell P.

Book Manuscript

Cassie F.


When I received Elisabeth’s feedback, I was astonished at her eye for detail in explaining her corrections. The way she sees and uses words is breathtaking & beautiful; she is truly gifted. Her advice and input was the exact boost of confidence I needed to propel me forward into my next endeavor! I would highly recommend her services to everyone! You will not be disappointed. 


I approached Ivey Editing Services because I needed some help with the structure of my personal statement and other essays within my application for grad school. Ivey Editing Services helped me by proofreading and copyediting of these essays. 

Some of the things I liked the most from Ivey Editing Services was how quickly they were able to do the editing and also the professionalism when making suggestions/recommendations on my essays. I’m very pleased with the results I had from this experience. I would highly recommend Ivey Editing Services to anyone who needs help with the structure or grammar check for any professional essay/paper.

Mariano F. P. 
Application Essay

Teri C.

Blog Article

I approached Ivey Editing Services because I have seen her work and knew she was a great writer and editor. Ivey Editing Services helped me by ensuring I knew the reasoning behind the edits, which helped me learn. The result was a more engaging blog [article] and elevated writing. One thing I liked was her attention to detail and friendly responses. I found the experience enjoyable and friendly. I would recommend Ivey Editing Services to people who need help with editing and want to learn how to become a better writer. 

Ivey Editing Services helped our institution bring to completion a book project titled One Hundred Voices: Harrisburg’s Historic African American Community. Ms. Ivey was an outstanding copy editor and proofreader. We appreciated her sharp eye for detail, her organizational abilities, and her rapid-fire responses to our deadlines. Highly recommend for professionalism and responsiveness. 

Dr. David P.

Book Manuscript

Phoebe C.

Academic Paper

I approached Ivey Editing Services because I was about to publish a paper in a top-tier journal, and I wanted to ensure that the paper was free of grammatical errors and flowed well. Ivey Editing Services helped me to correct any issues around spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. She also identified awkward sentences and suggested multiple ways to rephrase them.

The result was beyond my expectations. Even though the paper was filled with jargon and written for experts of a particular research area, the editor was able to provide valuable advice, and I felt more confident in publishing the paper. One thing I liked was her attention to detail and her ability to provide actionable ways to fix grammatical errors and choppy sentences. I found the experience to be smooth and stress-free. I would recommend Ivey Editing Services to scholars who need proofreading and editing services for academic papers and dissertations. 

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